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Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Orleans here we come?!?!?

Slow week.  Weather was good, then bad.  Sticking with it because we are making fans every day.  That is what is important.

Going to be closed on Thursday and Friday.  My helper (niece) is going to visit her mother and we are taking her to the airport on Thursday morning.  Will have to work by myself until she comes back on the 31st.  Will see if I can do it without her.

More and more people are watching the webcam.  I really enjoy doing it and should be getting my new cam up pretty soon.  Going to use my old mini-dv cam instead, since I can put it anywhere in the building or on the cart...versus just having the cam on the computer itself.

Still haven't had any online orders.  Will need to market that more.  I think it is a good idea, but will have to convince people to use it.

Got invited to participate in the 2010 New Orleans RoadFood Festival in March.  There are only 20 restaurants invited from across the US.  We are considering going, but only if our city will come up with some of the money.....I want to promote the town and need some assistance with the fees, gas, and lodging.  Will have to wait and see what they say about it.  I think it would help our tourism (New Orleans is only 8 hours away) and would put our business on the map.  Only other issue is, who goes with me?  I will still need to have someone running the cart at our current location and will have to take 2 other people with me.

Haven't started offering the Italian Beef Sandwiches yet.  Still working out the costs of the sandwich.  Want to make money, but would have to charge lots of money for each sandwich.  Will figure it out and then will start offering it.

The new menu items are going ok.  The nachos are selling more than any of the other new items.  Would have never thought that.  I put our chili on them instead of ground beef and people love the taste.  I'm not much into nachos for the most part, but I think we do a good job making them.

Have a couple other ideas of what to carry.  Want to stop carrying the jumbo dogs and carry polish sausage.  Will have to convince our food supplier to carry those.  The sausage are much better in taste and would sell much better than the jumbo dogs.  Also want to get a griddle and carry other sausages.  I have some really good beef and jalapenos sausage that is really good.  If we offer more than just the dogs, then that will help us get more business.

Still working on marketing ideas.  I really need to build a bigger client base.  I currently don't have any competition (until the spring), so this is the time to get noticed.  Will be working with my mentor and others to come up with some new ideas.  Can you say "Hot Dog Costume"?

Music is up and going each day.  Been playing 80's Metal for the most part.  I really like it, now that I am older.  I listened to some of it as a kid, but seem to appreciate it more now than ever.  Will be trying to play some other things from time to time.  Will have to see how things go.

Still want to decorate more.  Will start looking for old broken guitars, records, and posters.  If we are really "The Rock and Roll Hot Dog", then I want to display it as much as possible.  Also want to paint my area.  That will have to wait until we move the big cart into storage.  That should happen pretty soon!

Resting on Sunday.  Will rest again on Thursday and Friday.  Will hopefully be really busy next Saturday....only if the weather holds up, then we should have a pretty good day.

If I don't get to post again this week, then everyone have themselves a Happy Holiday weekend and Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night!

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