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Thursday, December 10, 2009

just a quick update before heading to work...

Adding 3 new menu items this weekend.  Adding Frito Pie, Nachos, and Soup.  This should helpboost sales a little.  Still want to add a couple of other items, but will have to wait until we get the equipment.

The new hot dog names are going over very well.  People seem to enjoy them and like to hear the back story on why there were named that way.  Great way to start a conversation with someone and make them feel welcome.

Our webcam is up and running.  I am now looking for an external video capture device so that I can use my miniDV camera instead.  I really wanted something that gave a much wider shot and the built in webcam on my mac just doesn't cut it.  If you know of a cheap one that is usb 2.0 or firewire, please shoot me an email.

Online ordering is also up and running.  I hope this turns out to be something that people use.  It is really handy for those who are busy and we will deliver it to you!  The system we are using is map based, so only people in Downtown Bastrop can order for delivery.  Everyone else can order for pickup.

Hours are changing again.  Doesn't seem like we ever sell a hot dog before Noon, so we are changing the hours to Mon - Sat 12:00PM to 4:00PM.  I think this will work better for us during the winter months.  When Spring and Summer roll around, we might think about opening earlier and closing later.

Christmas Parade is this weekend.  Come see us on Saturday!

And remember to check out our website!

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