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Friday, December 4, 2009

Waiting on the weather


Not sure what the weather is going to do tomorrow.  Will probably be closed, but you never know.  Not really looking forward to getting up and freezing my butt off.

Working on doing some marketing for the business.  Really need to continue getting the word out.  Things are getting better, but they aren’t where they should be.  New signs will be the first order of business and then printing menus for people to take with them.

Still need to rewire the Sandwich Prep Table that we were given.  Not sure that it even works at this point.  The power cable was ripped pretty bad, but I cut out all of the bad part and should be able to rewire it.  If it does work, I am going to be so super happy!  This will allow me to keep the condiments cool and store my pickle buckets.

Working on booking catering jobs for this coming up Spring.  Doing it early so that we know what is coming up and will be better prepared.  This also helps me determine my expansion plans.

Finally named all of the hot dogs.  Check out to see the names.  Getting tons of questions about how the names came about.  If we don’t open up tomorrow, I will post the names and how we came up with them.  If we do open, then I will try to post this weekend.

Going to add new items to the menu, as soon as possible.  Will need to buy some equipment to make it happen.  Once we get the equipment, I will start offering more than just hot dogs. 

Thinking of changing the name a little, if/when we expand the menu past just hot dogs.  I will keep the current name for our cart business, but will use the new name for any deli style restaurant we have…which is what this is turning in to.  Already decided on the new name… "Frank’s Rock and Roll Deli”.  What do you think?  I think it will work and is still pretty catchy.

Got a lighted sign from Vienna Beef.  It is a subway style sign, like they have in subway/train stations.  I hung it up in the front window and leave it on at night.  It looks really cool and shines some light on the big cart and the Vienna Beef umbrella.

Nothing else really going on.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and be careful if snows or sleets where you live!


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