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Monday, December 14, 2009

New menu items...Very Exciting!

New menu items will be available tomorrow.  Come by and try them out!  New items are great for colder days.  Hopefully tomorrow will be nice so we can be on the sidewalk, but they are predicting rain.

We will have our "Rockin Taco" Soup available this week, unless we run out early.  Once we run out, there will be a new soup.  Since we are making them ourselves, it will change from time to time.  I would rather not make a bunch and then freeze...would rather make it fresh, store it in the fridge, and then serve it.  Not sure what the next soup is going to be.  Will have to discuss with my crew.

Switching our meatballs and chili to electric warmers and taking it off the cart.  I like having them on the cart, but the other warmers will work better and won't burn the chili or marinara.  Won't change the taste at all...might actually make it better! 

Why the change?  We are going to start offering Italian Beef Sandwiches!  Working with my mentor tomorrow on how to make them on the cart.  This guy taught me how to make those delicious Chicago Dogs and I get tons of compliments on them (Thanks Mark!)  Not sure how much room I will need, but moving the other items off will give me plenty of room.  No idea on when I will offer them or what the price will be.  Going to buy the products tomorrow and will have to wait and see.  And of course, we are going to use Vienna Beef products.  Can't wait.  Will have to get some marketing materials for the sandwiches.

Have been getting more regulars coming in.  They really like the products and will hopefully be excited by the new items we are carrying.  Will be making an huge effort to bring more people in and get my business recognized by everyone in town.  Just have to find a good way to do that.  Hot dog costume, anyone?

Will be open tomorrow.  Prep time takes a little longer because of the new items.  Will need to come up with a new system for opening and closing.  Not a big fan of it taking us an hour to close everyday.  Would like it to take around 25 - 30 minutes.

Come see us or watch us online.  The web cam will be up and when things are slow, we usually discuss various topics.

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