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Friday, December 4, 2009

Stupid Smarch Weather!


No snow, no rain, no ice, no nothing.  It is just cold for no reason.  Should have been open today, but needed the day off to take care of some plumbing issues at the house and had to get the heater looked at.  Better that I did it today instead of trying to get someone out on the weekend.

Hopefully we will have soup available next week.  Going to try and get the equipment that we need and buy some soup or maybe make it ourselves.  We do have some canned soup that I will start selling tomorrow (we canned it in glass jars).  Still have to finish the labels and decide on a price.

Since we didn’t work today, I will reveal how the specialty dogs got their names.  I had to do this sometime and this is just as good as any other time.

Sweet Home Chicago Dog – Named after the song “Sweet Home Chicago”.  It was written by Robert Johnson and was featured in the movie “The Blues Brothers”.  Plus, it is a Chicago Style Dog and the name was perfect!

Livin’on a Prayer Dog – This dog is kind of like a Coney Style dog with the chili and has plenty of cheese (but we use real chili and not hot dog sauce/coney sauce).  So it is named after the Bon Jovi song because they are from the New York/New Jersey area (where the Coney Style is found) and their music is kinda cheesy.  Not saying it is bad, because I listen to it and other 80’s metal bands, but it is a little cheesy.

Stevie Ray Dog – Named after one of the greatest guitarists in the history of music.  I have been a fan since right before he died and felt that he would appreciate a really “Texas Style” dog.  It not only is a chili cheese dog, but also a Frito Pie.  What could be more Texas?

Hotel California Dog – This started out as a style of hot dog that is found in California.  Made a couple of changes to it, since some of the other ingredients were not easy to carry on the cart.  In finding a name, only one song came to mind.  I only started listening to the Eagles about 15 years ago and really like this song.  So that is how it got the name.

Kickstart My Heart Dog – This isn’t ready yet, but we are nearly ready to debut it!  The name popped into my head after talking with my wife about hot dog names.  It fits!  With the double bacon slices, bacon bits, chili, cheese, and hot peppers…it is a heart attack waiting to happen!  Plus, I really like Motley Crue and wanted to name a dog after one of their songs.

Rock-afire Explosion Dog – This is the one that people don’t understand.  Rock-afire Explosion is an animatronic  puppet band that used to play at Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E Cheese Pizza.  I remember it as a kid and there is a huge following for those puppets.  Since this dog is a “Pizza Dog” and Showbiz/CEC are/were pizza places, this name just kind of fit.

“Room for One More” Meatball Sandwich – The name is kind of misleading in a way.  I don’t really think you can eat more than one.  It is pretty big, even for me.  The name is from an Anthrax song that I really like.  The premise of the name comes from the fact that a certain sub sandwich company only puts 3 meatballs on a 6” bun and we put 4 meatballs on a 7” bun….so there is “Room for One More” meatball on our sandwich. 

The King’s Favorite – This one is for those who are still young at heart (but it isn’t available just yet).  It is basically a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich on a 7” Plain Hot Dog Bun.  Inspired by someone who changed the face of Rock and Roll.  Things would have never progress as far without his influence.  I think that Mr. Presley would really enjoy this treat!

Have another hot dogs that we are serving now.  I don’t have a name for it yet and need help giving it a proper name.   If you can name it, I will give you one for free and will put your name on our website!

Check out the website to see the ingredients of all the dogs and to help me name the newest dog…remember, it must be Rock and Roll related in some way!


We are also now offering a combo meal.  It is two hot dogs with any of the available condiments, a bag of chips, and a drink for $ 5.75.  It is a really good deal and saves you about $ 1.75.  It is only valid for the regular hot dogs and not the specialty dogs.

We are also offering a chips and drink for $ 1.50 with any hot dog purchase.  This saves you around $ .50 and is a very good value.


Everyone have a great weekend and come see us if you get a chance.  We would love to serve you one of our wonderfully delicious Vienna Beef hot dogs and Italian Meatball Sandwiches.


Remember to tell your friends about the blog and the website.  Getting the word out will be the secret to our success. 

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