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Sunday, May 10, 2009

So tired.......

I sit here a write this after just dealing with Mother's Day. My wife owns a flower shop and I just spent the last 4 days delivering flowers. I am beat and never want to see another flower....ever.

Not much on the hot dog front. Found an indoor cart that I REALLY want to buy. I need an indoor cart for rainy days (I know.....what are those?) and for days when I need to take my cart to a catering I could use it for indoor catering events. The guy is asking $800 and it is perfect. It has everything I need and runs off of electricity. Problem now is, I have the money that we are using on our Chicago trip, but we need to go and also need to invest in an ice machine. Decisions...Decisions.....

This week will be spent getting my kitchen area worked on and hopefully getting stuff sold so we have more indoor dining space. Found 4 really bad ass kitchen table chairs that look like they are from the 50's. Got the chairs for free. They were in the trash. They are very heavy metal bases and real wood seats and backs. The sparkle vinyl coverings are shot to hell....but we can re-cover them with leather material I have in the garage. Gotta find a table that will work with them, but that shouldn't be a problem.

We are still planning on going to Chicago in June. I could use the "gift" money for my ice machine and indoor cart, but attending these classes will be very beneficial. Maybe I should just have a really big garage sale to benefit my trip and then I can use my other money to buy those needed items. Anyone interested in an old Mickey Mouse doll ,several vintage neck ties, or some antique furniture?

**Forgot to tell all my other news...damn I am really tired from driving 400+ miles in the last 4 days! **

Spoke to my buddy who was running for city council (sucks that you need to run for mayor next year!) and he is a salesman for a wine company. He said that a buddy of his might DONATE (had to put it in big letters) beer for me to give away during my grand opening. I was stunned. Very stunned. He is one of my biggest supporters and has been giving me tons of advise. I hope we do get the beer because that will really help me put the word out about my cart. We are going to give the beer away since I can't sell license. That should make the bars mad, but they can get over it! We are also going to give out those glow necklaces to kids for them to wear that night. Since we are across the street from a big parking lot where you can watch the fireworks, we might stay open really late that day. I think that my grand opening might be a big success....or at least one hell of a party!

Spoke to our business neighbor and told him about my cart. He had seen it but we hadn't had a chance to talk about it. We share that private sidewalk so I made sure he was cool with my plan. We own our part but it is always good to be nice to your neighbors....doesn't hurt that they are great guys and we really enjoy spending time with them! Anyways....he was in front of our building speaking to 2 of the out going (term limits) city council men and had seen my cart. He told them of my plan and showed them the cart thru the window. They both thought it was a great idea and could benefit our downtown area. This excites me. Those people are "old school" in the fact they have been here forever and it means a lot that they like the idea. The more people on my side, the better things will be.

Still getting tons of feedback on the business. Told most of the people to expect me in June. I thought they would be disappointed, but that actually made them more excited. I'm going to keep putting the word out and see if the "word of mouth" can generate me some business.

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