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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Good things do happen from time to time. I think that karma is what makes those good things happen, but I also think that fate is a deciding factor in our lives.....and fate is what has decided that I need to sell hot dogs. I make this case because everything has fallen into place. When I feel like something is going to be impossible, it just happens and with no ill effects.

Here are some examples to get my point across:

1. My brother in law gave me a chili / cheese machine. That sparked the "joke" about selling hot dogs for a living.
2. Started doing research and realized that we have the perfect spot for a cart. We own the building and actually own the sidewalk.
3. Ran into a snag with the city and their permits for street vendors. Spoke with a county official (they do the health inspections) and decided to open as a restaurant and that way the city can't say a word.
4. Found a bakery that will make fresh buns for me for the same price as frozen ones.
5. Went to Lowes and bought a chest freezer for around $75 off the normal price.
6. Needed money to buy a cart and supplies. Spoke to ACC (where I am still taking computer classes) and was able to get some of my money back and drop my last 3 classes.
7. Found a $5k cart that is just now a year old (manufacture date is 05/2008) and paid $1500 for it. Thanks to David for that!
8. Found out about Hot Dog University and spoke to the professor. He really wants me to go, but I don't have the money. Found a "boarding house" that is 1.5 miles south of the university and there are dates free in June. They only charge $85 a night and you have full access to their house. Found that flights are $219 a person round trip from Austin.
9. Found out that Austin is getting a Restaurant Depot store. This is great news because I can buy all my stuff there. They are like Costco, but cater to restaurants and are cheaper.
10. Came home on Tuesday and found that a member of the family gave me a check to cover the cost of my cart...which means we have the money to attend Hot Dog U!

So, can you see where fate is telling me that selling hot dogs is what I am meant to do. All the signs point to this and I would be stupid to ignore them. When I got into the computer business, it wasn't fate but a desire to do something I liked.....not saying that I don't like hot fact, I love hot dogs! I just never thought in a millions years that selling hot dogs would be my career...but I guess fate knew the plan all along.

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  1. I never knew Fate liked Hot Dogs so much! Fate has good taste.... mmmmmm... hot dogs

    Pope Rotten