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Monday, July 27, 2009

Where's Super Mario when I need a plumber?

No real update. Plumbing problems are keeping us from opening. I have to replace some of the plumbing connections in the building and install the tankless heater. The heater is an issue because we have to find a place to connect to electricity. It has to be done or we get no health permit. Who would have thought that the bathroom is required to have hot water?

Working hard on the catering side of the business. I have to finish some quotes for two events in October. Got the lead for these events thru my brother in law. One of the events could be huge for me and hopefully will lead to more work. I would like to be busy enough to have either someone run the retail cart or someone to run the catering. If it was my choice, then I would do the catering and run the business side.....retail is fun, but each catering job can bring more jobs if you really work hard at it.....and pass out a ton of business cards!

Have to get my cart all setup this week and then find a commissary in Austin. I thought my kitchen would work, but it might not since Travis county is picky about what qualifies. Will find out tomorrow and will have to contact a couple people to see if I can use their kitchens. Shouldn't be a problem. Have to get my health permit in Travis County since my two catering jobs are in that this will help me when we are ready to open in Austin!

Bought an electric steam pan. It is a 6" deep full size stainless built in pan that has temp control and is 1200 watts....about the same as most higher end microwaves. This thing will do 200+ degrees. It will be perfect to keep things warm or to steam buns. I am buying 2 more of them in the future and will install them on my indoor cart. Only paid $60 for it! The 700 watt units are $122 at Restaurant Depot, so my used one was a better deal. Just need to find the other two and then buy the pans for it.

No news on getting a second cart. Will try again this winter when people are desperate to get rid of them. Maybe after a few catering jobs, we can afford to build one instead. I would rather build the one I want versus buying another one that I have to "rig" to work. I would love to build two really good carts and then use my current one for catering or a third site.

Working on adding special things to the menu. Already going to have a Double Bacon Chili Dog that will be for a limited time. Looking to recreate the Albuquerque Isotopes Dog from the Simpson's "Hungry Hungry Homer" episode. Have to figure out how to mesquite grill the onions and everything else is easy. I think that smoking them whole and then refrigerating will allow me to cut and put them on the griddle...with the same result. Also going to carry the real cane sugar sodas from time to time. Not really a fan of carrying glass bottles, but I know that people really like those and I am all about pleasing my fans!

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