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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prices are set!

Set my prices last night. Don't think they are going to change. I based them on my food costs and what my local competition is charging. I think they are fair considering that we are full service and don't charge extra for the condiments. The only thing I will charge extra for is when we do specialty dogs....

and we already have our first one...

Introducing the Double Bacon Chili Dog! This will be our first specialty dog offered on the cart. Still working everything out, but it should be available sometime after we open. I will keep it on the menu if it sells well, if not then I will try another idea. That's what is going to be fun about running this cart....I can try unusual things and possibly make money off of them.

Still no date for opening. Checking with the local heath department on something so that we can save on plumbing. Still need to get that finalized and find some insurance. Those two things are the last in this step. Still hoping to open in the next week or so. Need to open soon so I can make some of that summer money.

Got a new compressor for the floral cooler. Now I just need to get it installed. Once that is done, the flower shop will be back in business. We are also going to get the antiques straightened out so that we can sell more of them. We need to make some room since I am going to have inside seating.

Not much else going on. Just trying to keep my head above water!

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