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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not happy!

Still no prices on food. Was working with one food service company and now my Vienna rep switched to a different company. I spoke with their sales guy yesterday and he is supposed to get prices for me. The only problem is that I have to buy 15 cases of product each time. It is a requirement because they only do delivery and won't allow you to pick up the product. They sell everything I need, so it might not be a problem but only if I am full time. If I go part time, then this setup will not work.

Still no marketing materials from Vienna. Not sure who is dropping the ball on this. I have emailed my rep several times and will call him tomorrow. If something doesn't happen by Friday @ 5pm, then I will be making a major change. Tired of these people not taking me seriously!

No word on the job. Will have to wait and see how it plays out. I really need a good job, but was hoping that the cart was that good job. Guess this will play out some time in the next couple of weeks. Still planning on getting someone to work the cart during the week, if I get this job. Hopefully it won't be a problem finding someone good.

Going up to Fort Worth on the 25th. My cousin is getting married. Have plans to see some old friends in Plano on the 26th. This will be my first trip back in over a year and only my 10th time back since moving to Austin in 2003.....and more than half of those trips were in 03 and 04. Don't really miss that area, just miss my friends and family.

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