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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still workin on the kitchen....

Couldn't get a hold of the health inspector on Thursday or Friday. Guess we aren't going to get our inspection next week. Hopefully this doesn't put us behind. We are going to go ahead and work on the kitchen and do what we think they want us to do. Would have been nice to know for sure. Guess I can ask a couple of restaurants in the area and see what they say.

Found another cart and kind of made a deal, but waiting to see if my wife's floral cooler is fixable or not. Her cooler went out before we went to Chicago and it has to be fixed. She can't operate her business without it and I can wait to get another cart. The cart needs some work, but would be perfect to add battery power and some other things to it. Plus, I need a second cart to do catering with. And to top it off, it is going to be paid for by someone else! Had another family member offer the money up. My wife was a little upset by it, but I think that is just because her cooler is down and she really needs to get it back up and running. Getting her cooler working so she can be back in business is the most important thing right now, my cart "wants" can wait for a while.

My business phone is down. I let my niece borrow it to take pictures of her friends and she broke the screen. Guess we won't be getting those pictures off the phone now. I need to find another Sprint phone to replace it with since I have vendors trying to call me. I should have bought the warranty, but I trusted that she wouldn't ruin it. Funny how she took pretty good care of it when it was her phone (minus letting the dog chew on it the night she got it). I'm still pretty angry over it because she never even bothered to apologize for breaking it. The phone isn't that big of a deal, but her learning how to be responsible for her actions is. Guess I will be making her work the cart until she pays me back.....she'll love that!

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