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Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick note before the chaos begins....

Still recovering from the Chicago trip. Boy that was so much fun!

Going to look at another cart this weekend. It is smaller than the one I currently have, but should work out a little better. I can still use my other cart for catering or when we get into Austin. I am hoping that the current owner is reasonable on it. He hasn't given me a price yet, but I won't pay him what I bought my bigger one for.

Going to try and finish the kitchen area this weekend. The plumbing is the biggest pain in the ass. I did find some cool plumbing tape that helps with any leaks and will be using it, if I can find it anywhere. I still have to put in a hand wash sink and the mop sink in the back. Since I only have 1 drain and 1 set of water outlets in the kitchen, this should get interesting really quick! Still need to get a "point of use" heater for the bathroom sink. We have a hot water heater, but no one ran lines to the bathroom sink. I think it would be cheaper to get one of those units than pay a plumber to run new lines.

I hope that our inspection goes good and we don't have to spend anymore money to do extra things. I am already feeling the crunch on the money end and hopefully don't need to spend much more.

I won't be posting again until after the weekend, since we will be very busy.

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