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Monday, June 29, 2009

New phone and some free stuff

Finally got my business phone replaced. Not allowing anyone to touch it or use it at this point. Even got a case for the outside of it. If someone breaks it, then things will be really interesting around here!

Will find out about my free refrigerator and freezer tomorrow. The fridge is mine, but the freezer was promised to someone else. If that person doesn't want it, then we are going to get it soon. That will give me 2 freezers and a refrigerator. Still need to get another fridge and will probably get a 1 or 2 door beverage cooler...those are big enough to store pickles and my produce.

Should find out about my food costs and the possibility of carrying some ice cream. With it being hot, that should be a pretty good money maker! We wanted to do some fresh squeezed lemonade also, but just don't have the time or man power to do that and run the cart. Might just make it up before hand and sell it that way.

Still no word on my grand opening date. Still working on getting the kitchen done. Tested the 3 bin sink in the kitchen and now the hot water doesn't work. Hopefully I can figure out what happened and fix it quick. It might just be turned off and I forgot to turn it back on.....that happens from time to time. Just asked the wife and she said we turned it off because it leaks and I never fixed it. Told you, it was something I forgot to do. Add it to my list.

I had an idea to buy a pontoon boat and put a cart on it. That idea didn't last long because Lake Travis in Austin is pretty much empty at this point. I could put it on Lake LBJ, but would probably have to permit thru 4 or 5 cities since it borders so many. Tried to convince my dad to do it when he retires, but don't think he wants to work in the heat.

Very tired after helping my wife with flowers for my brother in laws wedding. Need to push forward and get my stuff done....missing out on good money by being closed. The flower cooler is down again. It happened right before we left on Friday. That cooler is starting to really make me angry. Calling the repair man tomorrow and hopefully it doesn't cost us a ton of money to repair. We just paid $300 to fix it and now it will cost us again.

Still working on getting insurance on everything. Our current policy sucks and doesn't cover loss for the flower shop or the hot dog business, just the building. Will continue to work on getting a new policy for both of the businesses

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