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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prepping for this weekend event.

Getting ready for the Festival of Trees.  Found a great old Iroquois Indian recipe.  It is completely vegetarian and tasted really good.  My wife made a test batch and we all really liked it.  Will probably try to sell it in our location, once we get a soup warmer. 

My super chef (my wife) came up with another recipe that uses Bratwurst.  It was REALLY good!  Can't wait to unleash it on all those hungry people.  This will definitely be something we offer for catering events.  Not really something I can do from the cart, but you never know.

Have a third item we are making, but it is TOP SECRET!  Only two of us know about it and we will be doing a test on it tomorrow.  If it works, we will also offer it for catering.  It is another item that could be done from the cart, but would have to see a demand for it first.

Added the 7" Meatball Sandwich to the menu this week.  It took the place of the Bratwurst.  I took those off the menu because we just didn't sell enough of them.  Only had 1 request for it this week and only sold 2 on Saturday....and that is why we are trying the Meatball Sandwich.  It is a great sandwich and people seem to really like it so far.  It is quite a change from the hot dogs, but adds some variety to our menu. 

Will be adding new specialty hot dogs this week and next.  Most of them are ones we have tried ourselves and really like.  Will be posting them on our website and in the restaurant.  And we are always looking for new ideas.  Send one to me and we will name it whatever you want...but only if we use it!

Worked out pretty much all of our bugs and we are doing pretty well now.  Still need to find more advertising avenues to bring people in.  I know that the cold weather is making us slow, but we hope it starts to pick up.

Will probably be serving indoors on Friday.  They are forecasting rain and cold weather.  This will be a first for us and hopefully will turn out ok. 

Come see us and get a hot dog! 

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