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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Opened up! And some rambling updates.....

We opened yesterday (it is 12:30am on Thursday) and it went fine.  I think more and more people know we are here and that's great.  Will hopefully sell more dogs in the next 3 days.

Planning the Grand Opening and the Festival of Trees event this weekend.  Have to get a menu for the Festival and figure out what we are doing for the Grand Opening.  Will spend some time on Saturday and Sunday figuring it all out.

The new electric cart is working much better than before.  Figured out which way is high and which way is low on the knobs.  The original knobs are long gone, so we didn't really have a clue.  Ran the cart on Wednesday and it worked perfect!  Still need to replace those switches and buy new knobs.  That will happen eventually.

Bought an electric bun steamer on Wednesday.  It was on sale.  Will test it this week.  This should free up the electric cart to add on the chili and bratwurst to the menu.  It should steam our poppy seed buns really quick.  Not steaming the plain buns because they don't really need it.  Can also steam other items in it, but will probably just stick with the buns.  Just need to figure out how to fit them all in.

Still tweaking my menu.  Not going to carry the pork brats for very much longer.  Once we sell out, I will probably switch to beef brats.  Still trying to figure out which ones to use.  Also, added two new canned sodas to the menu and now carrying the Jarritos soda.  If the new ones don't sell, then we will try something else.

Testing a secret hot dog ingredient tomorrow.  Can't say much about it yet.  Hopefully it will work out fine.  If not, then we will find an alternative.  Will also be testing other secret ingredients in the next week or so.  Will slowly ad these to the menu in hopes that it will bring us more business.

Have some other new items coming in the next few weeks.  Will probably introduce them after Thanksgiving.  I suspect it will be a big hit, will have to wait and see!

Come see us today!  We open at 11:00am and will have some hot dogs ready for you.  And tell your friends!

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