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Sunday, November 8, 2009

First week went pretty well.

Week was pretty good (well, half week).  Will continue to do better with each day that we are open.  Making fans one at a time.

The new bun warmer works perfect!  Best investment I've made so far.  It works really good and frees up space to put other items on the cart.  It also only takes about 4 minutes to fully steam the Vienna buns...and that is if they unit is set to 5 or 6.  If I set it higher, it takes a lot less time.  Plus, we ran it for 4 hours today and NEVER had to put more water in it.  Going back to buy another one next week.

We bought a stainless steel table to put behind the cart and it helps with putting condiments on the dogs.  We also have a little refrigerator that keeps the drinks cold...until one explodes and shoots (yes, shoots) several drinks at the back of my legs.  Makes it worse that I was creating two Chicago Dogs at the time.  Got it cleaned up, but now we have to make sure we stack them a little different.  It was only a Diet Coke that exploded, so no big loss.  And got the customer's dogs made without further incident!

Changing our Saturday hours.  Going to be 12:00pm to 3:30pm.  We figured out today that downtown doesn't start coming alive until around Noon and then dies off quick after 3pm.  Did sell a bratwurst at 3:20pm, so that is why we are going till 3:30pm.  This will change if there happens to be a special event downtown.  And will be more like 11:00am to 4:00pm. 

Kinda have a day off for Sunday, but we need to redo one of the shelving units.  We bought longer poles so that we could add more shelves.  Using the shorter poles for some baskets we bought.  This will give us more space to keep dry and canned goods, sodas, chips, and various other items.  Will use the baskets to store vegetables and other items.

Have to invest in another refrigerator for the kitchen...maybe a commercial one.  The one we have now is too small.  Everything fits in it, but we will need to have more space for new menu items.  Will start looking after the Grand Opening. 

Have to get a vinyl sticker for the electric cart.  I have some paper signs up now, but it doesn't look right.  Having trouble finding someone who can do the work.  We used to have a sign place in town, but I don't think they are in business anymore.  Want to try and do this within the next couple of weeks.

Getting ready for next Saturday.  Trying to get everything together for the giveaways.  Can't wait until there are a couple hundred kids walking around with Vienna Beef paper hats on their heads.  That will be a beautiful site.  Will try and get some stickers made so that our logo is on the hats also.  That would be even better!

Finally put chili and bratwurst on the cart today.  Chili was a big hit....but so was my California Dog.  Want to know what is in it?  Come buy one.  Not posting my recipe here...sorry.  The mystery is worth coming by and buying one from us.  Trust me, they are VERY good.

Busy next couple of weeks.  Will hopefully have time to post my progress.  If not, I will make one HUGE post that will catch everyone up.


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