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Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick not before opening for the first time.

Just a quick update for you.....

Went to Seabrook on Tuesday and bought the electric cart.  It works perfect!  It doesn't really need anything done except for a vinyl wrap put on it for our business.  Will be looking into that next week.

Will be going to Austin today or tomorrow morning to buy product.  We still plan on opening at 5pm tomorrow for the Halloween celebration in Bastrop.  Unless something goes horribly wrong, we are opening.  After that, we will start doing lunch everyday from 11am to 2pm, until things get going...then we might expand the hours.

Having to finish cleaning up the building so that our indoor seating will be available.  We should be able to knock that out by tomorrow and hopefully have people inside by Monday morning.  Not planning on letting all the little "trick or treat-ers" in our building with all those antiques.  Will pull a couple tables outside and let them make a mess out there.

Looked at Thursday's paper for Bastrop and we are listed in a write up about the Festival of Trees event on November 21st.  We are getting more and more excited about this event.  I may end up changing the menu a little because of a chili recipe that we found.  Not going to talk about it here, you will have to come see us at the event or in the restaurant after the 21st.  It will be a limited time thing, but I feel like it could be a big hit!

Need to get some signs made for the building.  Will have to start working on that soon.  I am hoping on renaming the building "1852 Union Hall" since that is what it original was...a union hall (saloon).  I want to get signs with that name and then the names of the other businesses that are inside.  I think it would look nice and would honor the history of the building.

Not much else going on right now.  Just getting excited about opening.  Been a long time coming.  Hope to see some of you on Saturday, and if not, then on November 14th for our Grand Opening.


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