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Friday, October 9, 2009

Charity work

Got my paperwork in.  And it is official.......

We are an official food vendor of The Festival of Trees.

We will be serving food and will be donating a decorated Christmas Tree for auction.  It is a charity event that I really wanted to be a part of and was able to get in before the deadline.  Even though we are giving the food away for free, we aren't just serving some hot dogs.  Our menu will be pretty exotic and will display my culinary skills.  The items we are serving will eventually be available at the restaurant, but I am really going all out to hopefully expand my catering business.

Getting the roof and walls fixed sometime this coming week.  I should have the plumbing pretty much done and just need to get my buddy to run my electrical for me.  Once that is done, we will have our permit.  We are now shooting to open on Halloween.  We normally have a pretty big deal here in town on Halloween, and it helps that it falls on Saturday this year.  Will have to find some hot dog shaped candy to give away.

Not much else going on.  Will post more after the weekend.

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