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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guess who is opening........

Exciting update!

Called the county and setup my appointment........Health Inspection is this Friday morning.  Should pass with flying colors.  I have some plumbing to do and have to fix the wall and paint....all that will be done tomorrow (Thursday).  Will have to get my insurance this week and finish getting my pans for the cart.  Shouldn't need much else to be able to operate the business.

If everything goes well on Friday, we will be opening on Halloween.  That's right, Saturday, October 31st.  Will probably run a small lunch (11am to 1pm) and then reopen at 5pm and go until around 8 or so.  Will hopefully be really busy and forget about all the work.  Looks like that will be a very Happy Halloweenie!

Catering job on October 24th is still a go.  Need to purchase all the product next week.  Shouldn't have to prep anything but filling mustard and ketchup squeeze bottles.  That will be a true test of what I am made of....serving hot dogs and brats for 6 -7 hours.

Next up is the Grand Opening.  Looks like that will be on November 14th, which is the Veteran's Day celebration weekend.  That should bring tons of people downtown.  Hopefully we don't have 20 hot dog vendors show up.  Won't really matter in the long run because I will be here everyday and they are only here for special events.  I think people will remember that.

After the Grand Opening, we have the Festival of Trees event on November 21st.  Should be a good time.  Getting excited about this one because of what we are serving....won't be hot dogs!

Once that is done, we are going to try and relax a little and make plans for 2010.  That is already shaping up to be a great year for the business....already have another event lined up.....will post more once it is 100% official.

Sent a proposal to the City of Austin for a really great site for a cart.  Will hopefully hear a "Yes" sometime this coming week.  I really want this spot and think that it could not only benefit thousands of people, but also help us build the business into something spectacular! 

If it does happen, we won't start until after the first of the year.  Not going to run that cart myself, will have to hire people to run it for me.  If it doesn't happen, then we start contacting city council people and the mayor to get them on our side.  I will also get as many people as possible to sign a petition to allow the cart in this most sacred of spots.  This spot has never been occupied by any food vendor or anyone else for that matter.  It pretty much is the most perfect spot in Austin.  Stay tuned for this one.

Very tired from all the work on the building.  I feel that all this work will pay off in the long better pay off!

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