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Monday, September 28, 2009

Electricity is shocking and so are the cart laws!

No real update on opening.  Sorry.

Figured out that we have 3 outlets in the kitchen and 4 (maybe 5) appliances.  Will have to put 2 more breakers in the box and run single outlets all the way across the room.  That should fix the electrical problems.

Plumbing issues are the same.  Those shouldn't take me very long, just need to get the angles right for the sink drains.  I am not a professional plumber, so it takes me a little longer to figure it out.  The tankless heater might have to be installed by a plumber.  Will have to find someone to help me with that.

Got most of the kitchen area cleaned up and the other half of the room is somewhat organized.  That other half is for the flower shop and has tons floral supplies.  Got the wire shelves put up and that helped a we got rid of that old cooler that was taking up space.  Still need to move a couple things around and then hang up a new light and that side will be good.

The eating contest is delayed until next spring.  Thinking of doing more than just the contest, but will have to see what is feasible.  Not going into great detail because I really don't need anyone else taking my ideas and using them as their own....and by that I mean local people to my area.

Had some discussions about further expansion plans for next year, but we are holding off for now.  The people involved with the expansion plans aren't sure where they are moving to , so we are going to wait to see how that plays out.  We are still planning on being in Austin next spring, unless something happens to hamper it.

Was doing some research on other cities and their laws on mobile food vending.  I have to say that Austin and San Antonio are the easiest/best cities to start up a cart business.  The laws in those two cities are much easier to navigate than any other major Texas cities.  The cities of Fort Worth and Arlington require that you pay for them to look at your cart plans before you can even file for a permit.  Not the cart itself, they want to see blueprints/diagrams of the cart and how it works.  Neither of them allow you to play any music, have any lights on the carts (other than to assist you in working), nor can you "hawk" your food (saying "Hot Dogs, come get your Hot Dogs").  I think that is insane!  What is the point of having these vendors?  Fort Worth also requires that you measure out your spot before putting the cart there....literally use a measuring tape to make sure you are far enough away from the curb and the intersection.  If you are a little off, they will fine you.  You also have to stop serving at 9pm.  That one really got me.  I think that their reasoning is to keep vendors from getting robbed, but actually you are creating a bigger problem with drunks.  The whole reason that Austin allows the vendors on 6th street is to hopefully help people sober up before driving home.  That is why they give you til 3am to shut down.  I guess that some cities don't really know the value of the vendors, nor do they care.

24 days until our first catering job.  Not too worried about it.  I have done some catering with my brother in law and have done it in the past.  I have my checklist, so nothing will be left behind.  Still need to get my Lederhosen.  That will be next!

Will hopefully have a start date really soon.  Need to get this rolling before the cold weather starts.


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