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Monday, August 17, 2009

New furniture for the business!

Bought 2 sets of these on Saturday morning. Did you know that Lowes opens at 6:00am? I got there at about 6:15am and bought this set and the one in the box that's behind it. These will be perfect for our indoor seating area. Got them for half off (only $44 a set!). Would like to get 4 more sets, but will have to wait and see. That would give me 12 seats with just those and then another 8 with the ones my brother in law is letting me borrow. I would love to just have my own, but we have to spend money where it is needed.

I am planning on changing the seat cushion color. My niece likes it because of the green, but I would rather have it match everything else that I have. We have some blue leather material, but it doesn't match the blue in the umbrellas....yes, it matters! We might wait until I get a logo and have that sown into the seats....that would look real classy!

I off-loaded both sets at about 7:15am and then locked the front door. Someone had walked up and started knocking on the front door. I didn't hear it at first but finally did and decided to go ahead and leave thru the side door and find out who was knocking. It ended up being our neighbor, who owns the house behind where we live. She wanted to know if I would be available for a parks department (city) function they are going to do in September. They love the idea of the cart and the nostalgia of it. It will go great with their event (re-dedication of WWII softball park). Well of course I said "Yes". This will be a great opportunity for people to get to know the business. Will have to start working out the details for the event. They are still working on a date.

Might not do the hot dog eating contest this year. I am so busy trying to get opened up and my catering is taking off! I really wanted to do this, but would have to hire an employee to handle all my other business so I could focus on this. I am going to try and have it next year, but earlier in the year. I need several months to plan and get my sponsorship and that won't happen until after Christmas time. It's hard enough to get people to sponsor something, but nearly impossible if you start asking around Christmas time.

Waiting to hear back on my bids for the 2 private parties in October. I am going to see them tomorrow and will work with them on getting this done. I really want to do both events because it could open doors for more events down the road.

We are pushing to get some things done this week. We have been busy with prior engagements and need to put all of our focus on getting open and running. We have been trying to open for a really long time and things are just coming up that we have to take care of. Will be glad to be operating and making some money.

Still looking for someone to do a logo for me. Starting to worry that it won't ever happen. I can't draw on paper or on the computer, so I can't rely on myself to do it. Hit me up if you have someone who can do it on the cheap!

Also looking for a metal fabricator in my area. I am drawing up designs for my own carts and would like to figure out how much it would cost. I think building my own is the way to go, because then I get exactly what I want. I have someone who can help with the gas lines, so I just need assistance in building the shell....actually, I just need someone who can do the body work. I can weld the frame, but don't know how to bend the sheet metal and attach it to the frame. It is going to be a major undertaking, but will be worth it in the long run. Heck, that may even turn into a side business if everything goes well!

Busy is the word for this week. Hopefully that word turns in to Productive, before the weekend!

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